It has been forever since I have had something to say, well, let’s get real here.. I ALWAYS have something to say. It is more of, it has been forever since I have wrote down what I have to say.

Life has been complicated lately. School is something that I want to do better on this semester so I have been trying to put more time into that, meaning that telling people about my crazy thoughts is on the back burner. I have been trying to figure out exactly how to manage all my time and figure out how to manage my life in a better manner.

Management of my time has been what I have been putting most of my focus into. Throughout my life I have always been that person who is constantly late, even though I try very hard to be on time, something about myself always makes myself late. Was this a genetic thing? Why was I always late? These questions were things that I needed to find out to really try and change what has going on.

The first step that I took was not going home between my classes. Yes, I may have had to stay on campus for a couple hours between classes, buuuuut, I did get a lot of homework done during though time periods. There was so many upsides to doing this than going home. When I would go home, I would get nothing done. Maybe I would walk Penny Lane or eat lunch, but really, I would watch “Cops” and sit on my ass. By just going to my classroom (there was no class before ours), the amount of work and productivity I saw within myself began to increase immensely.

Not only did I see the amount of work increase, but being late was something that began to decrease. The amount of things that I had always known was going down. Now, that I had learned the life on being on time, there was no way that I was going to change back. It was nice to get to a class and not be walking in while the teacher was talking, having everyone stare at you.

How on Earth am I going to be in the Management field when I can’t even manage my own time properly? That was the main question I felt needed to be fixed when trying to fix my “faults”. By just making these little changes, I have dramatically made a positive influence on my school work and outlook on the future I want to live.



Good morning… or is it good night?

The line has become blurred from not sleeping, not from lack of trying. Tonight I got into bed around 1030, with every intention of getting a good night of sleep. I picked up my book and only read a couple chapters (I have been trying to read at least one or two a night), then shut everything down and tried to fall asleep a little before midnight….

Then 2 am rolled around.. as I continued to roll around my bed, wondering why I was still awake. What could possible be keeping me awake? Almost all of my projects were up to date, I dont have any finals today.. it seemed like a perfect night to get a good night of sleep.

After trying to sleep for multiple hours, I decided to at least try and make good use of my time, and finished writing a paper for my international marketing class (which I ended up hating). So now I have finished all the work I can do on my computer, and dont want to do work that requires my notebooks, there hasnt been enough rest time, and its too cold, to get out of bed for things today.. or so far today.

Instead Im going to lay in my warm heated mattress and snuggle with Penny Lane, while I continue to surf the internet and look at news articles..

Bedtime Thoughts

I just keep thinking about lots of things as I’m trying to call asleep. In all of these, I keep going back to how I’m sleeping in the same pants I wore all day. The same pants I wore on an airplane, and who knows how many people have sat in that exact chair. 

But that’s not what I keep thinking in the end…. 

the real thing I’m thinking about is how boss these pants made me look. They are a cool black material, just dressy enough I could work in them… or sleep like I am. Then they have gold zippers or the pockets to really make them classy looking. 

They are the best. 

Mid Terms

The past few months have been a hot mess for me. I feel like I have been running around like a chicken with their head cut off. It seems like everyday there is just not enough time, so I end up being awake till super late, making it crazy hard to get up early in the morning.

Yesterday I had to give a presentation and take a test, and we all know how bad Monday’s suck. Really it was just a disaster for my day. While I had a few minutes I just felt like venting out the crazy brain I have been having, but there really is not much to say about my life. It just been work, school, kids, and a little partying here and there. I know what youre thinking, what a great college life… or the most boring one you can think about.

The Couch Protector

Penny Lane was just laying there, watching the outside, then she turned and looked and me… and I about peed my pants. She makes me smile every time I look at her, but this is one of the best things she has ever done.