It has been forever since I have had something to say, well, let’s get real here.. I ALWAYS have something to say. It is more of, it has been forever since I have wrote down what I have to say.

Life has been complicated lately. School is something that I want to do better on this semester so I have been trying to put more time into that, meaning that telling people about my crazy thoughts is on the back burner. I have been trying to figure out exactly how to manage all my time and figure out how to manage my life in a better manner.

Management of my time has been what I have been putting most of my focus into. Throughout my life I have always been that person who is constantly late, even though I try very hard to be on time, something about myself always makes myself late. Was this a genetic thing? Why was I always late? These questions were things that I needed to find out to really try and change what has going on.

The first step that I took was not going home between my classes. Yes, I may have had to stay on campus for a couple hours between classes, buuuuut, I did get a lot of homework done during though time periods. There was so many upsides to doing this than going home. When I would go home, I would get nothing done. Maybe I would walk Penny Lane or eat lunch, but really, I would watch “Cops” and sit on my ass. By just going to my classroom (there was no class before ours), the amount of work and productivity I saw within myself began to increase immensely.

Not only did I see the amount of work increase, but being late was something that began to decrease. The amount of things that I had always known was going down. Now, that I had learned the life on being on time, there was no way that I was going to change back. It was nice to get to a class and not be walking in while the teacher was talking, having everyone stare at you.

How on Earth am I going to be in the Management field when I can’t even manage my own time properly? That was the main question I felt needed to be fixed when trying to fix my “faults”. By just making these little changes, I have dramatically made a positive influence on my school work and outlook on the future I want to live.


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