Good morning… or is it good night?

The line has become blurred from not sleeping, not from lack of trying. Tonight I got into bed around 1030, with every intention of getting a good night of sleep. I picked up my book and only read a couple chapters (I have been trying to read at least one or two a night), then shut everything down and tried to fall asleep a little before midnight….

Then 2 am rolled around.. as I continued to roll around my bed, wondering why I was still awake. What could possible be keeping me awake? Almost all of my projects were up to date, I dont have any finals today.. it seemed like a perfect night to get a good night of sleep.

After trying to sleep for multiple hours, I decided to at least try and make good use of my time, and finished writing a paper for my international marketing class (which I ended up hating). So now I have finished all the work I can do on my computer, and dont want to do work that requires my notebooks, there hasnt been enough rest time, and its too cold, to get out of bed for things today.. or so far today.

Instead Im going to lay in my warm heated mattress and snuggle with Penny Lane, while I continue to surf the internet and look at news articles..


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