Today is one of those days where I just want to write, even though I don’t have anything to write about. I keep starting about something, then just stop, it never goes anywhere productive. So here I am, staring at my screen, hoping that something worth writing about will come to mind. I can’t help myself, maybe I need to drink a glass of wine and loosen my mind up. Although in an hour were are going to the gym, so that would not be the best idea. Today was one of those days that I will have spent 3 hours at the gym, one for Maya, one for Cole, and one for myself, just hanging out. My goal is going to be to try and do more rounds than Maya, you know, because it is all 26 year olds dream to beat their 11 year old niece. 

It just needs to happen, even though I lift heavier than her, I want to do more rounds than her.. Even though she did a pretty good amount. CrossFit has been something that I have begun to like going to, I’m pretty sure that is because I get to go with my sister, and that always makes everything better… Going to the gym with her just makes it more fun. Now that my annoying coworker is not there it is even better. He went to a class and now a level 1 coach, there is no way I would go to the gym back home if he was coaching, that would be the worst. 

Another thing that has been terrible today, both the kids have been over at friends houses, or at least in and out the door. It is almost as bad as when they are gone. They haven’t just wanted to hang out with me all day, what is going on here? Are they bored with hanging out with me? Let’s hope not, cause I was so bored all last week without them. Those two little monsters are like my favorite people to hang out with, which is crazy since they are young, but I guess that is what parents go through, they would rather hang out with their kids.. It’s the same type of thing. 

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