There are so many ways you can use moving. It can best to tell about your past, or to talk about the future. Moving is a word that seems to really be apart of my life right now.

Moving in the literal term, I have officially moved to a new town, moved into a new house, moved in with a new room mate. So far everything has been going well. I have been taking care of my sisters kids, and love almost every day of it (sometimes I want to run away from them). Even though it was a lot of changes at once, they all couldn’t have came at a better time.

Next on the moving list comes, moving on. This is one of the ways in which it can be meant is different ways. For me, it has been not running like I has originally planned, but truly moving on from the negative people in my life. They were just a blip on the radar that is my life, and now I can really see all of that.

One night I was having a drink with a friend that I talk with often, when one of our other friends came to see her. The first thing out of her mouth was asking why I never called her anymore, why is that something that is my job? Am I think one who has to be in charge of this friendship? For the past year I have been the one who tried, then just decided to not, until now where there is more out there, better people, people who want me in their life.

Ive also moved to a new school. Now after getting kicked out of one school for not going enough, then taking a year off, changing majors, all before finally getting a degree, I am still a little nervous. This move is about the only move I have been stressing over, and it really is nothing to stress over. It will just be another school, with different kids. Not to mention, most of the teachers that I really liked at my old school either retired or left for another job. Maybe I am just getting nervous for no reason, or maybe this is going to be the best move of my life. I got a letter tonight asking me to rush for a business school frat on campus, something I never thought I would do, making me think it is the thing that I need to do.

Each time I make a choice and do something I never would have done, I can feel the ones who watch over me smiling. I can feel all the people around me who care about me finally seeing that they knew I could do it. And I can’t wait to smile in the face of those who didn’t think I could.




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