The Boy

So I’ve been really working at this whole half marathon training, so far it hasn’t been to bad. The biggest downfall I’ve had is with the guy I’ve had a thing with for almost 6 years now…

We were talking and I was complaining that my running bra is to big for me now (I’ve lost almost 2 inches in my chest). He then got upset because he doesn’t want my boobs to get smaller. Then he proceeded to tell me that small boobs is a deal breaker for him… I just can’t stop thinking about it. 

I did all my measurements last night and have lost a lot of inches overall, and was super pumped, then somehow began to feel upset about it because of the boob comment. It’s really making me question everything about this with him. How am I to know what will happen as I continue to get in shape?

I’ve always been a bigger girl and have really been working to try and drop 50 pounds, if I do, these babies could get a lot smaller. Does this mean he is only with me for my boobs? Does he even like me for anything else? Questions, questions, questions….

Thinking for now I may just let it ride, but not let the chances of someone who actually likes me for more than my chest size be a possibility. Does this mean maybe I don’t really like him either?? Maybe everything we have been together is just sex, and maybe we should just keep it that way. 


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