I’ve been on a road block of things to say lately. My life has been crazy, my sister officially took a job she really wanted and is moving on 16 days. I’ve been so happy for her, but in the back of my head I’m not. Will I be ok without her? We have been living together for 3 years now. Life is going to be so different without her. 

Stressed. That is the main mood of my life lately. I feel like I could take an Ativan and smoke pack of cigs every day. Just enjoying the outdoors, not having a care in the world. Then real life hits me, and it’s not what I want it to be. I want to punch my coworker everyday, he is a fucker. The guy I want to love me, may or may not. 

Life is so strange right now, and I just feel like I hate people. Maybe that’s what I need… To take a break from humans. They are just terrible sometimes. 

Only 3 more days of work and I’m a nanny for the summer, after this weekend I start summer classes and start my move to the next journey in life. 

Next journey in life… And it is terrifying. 



The Godfather….

Is there really anything else you need to say about how to spend a perfect Friday night? I mean, hanging out with your sister and this movie is the best thing, it’s a classic. Although, all I can wonder is how much work it took to cut off the horses head? And how the got it in the guys bed without him waking up… Bet the camera man did it (as my dad would say). 

Al Pacino is the king of mob, and I love it. 


Time is a crazy thing, it seems as though every month I hear/say “the year is just flying by”. This has really got me thinking, why does it feel like time has been flying by? Am I just wondering around not living my life as much as I can? It’s all so crazy when you think about it.