Monday’s Ugly Step Sister

Tuesday is the real bitch of the week. Everyone is always saying how much they hate Monday, but lets take a moment and think about how much goes wrong on a Tuesday……

Did you take the moment??

Every single week we prepare to hate Monday, we know she is coming, we are ready for her.. but no Tuesday, that one just sneaks up on us. After Monday we get home from work, tired from the day after the weekend, most of us not really prepared for the week. Unlike this week, I was going to be prepared for this week. Monday I had everything planned and ready to go, went to bed knowing what needed to get done, made a schedule of my homework and was ready for a week of working out. Of course, living in Wyoming, a storm hits. Oh well, might as well do a little homework, some squats and make a grilled burrito (recipe link at bottom, so good). Then the weeks bitch rolls around, Tuesday.

This morning I woke up at 8:03, and have to be at class at 8:30 in a town 23 miles away.. needless to say I rolled over and snuggled with the dogs for a little longer. If I was going to sleep past my alarm I might as well make the best of it and get a little extra time with my favorite furry friends. Once it was finally time to get myself moving, I glanced at my homework website and did a few Calc 2 problems, to make myself feel a little accomplished this morning, only to step out of bed onto a broken light bulb.. who the F%^# put that there?!?! Right into the arc of my foot went a shard of glass. Perfect, the second wrong thing of today happened, but I was still determined to have a good day, after all, I did just get and extra hour of morning sleep.

My shower went lovely… then a drizzle of something rolls down my face, maybe it’s snot, after all the weather is chilly today. No, its blood, pouring out of my nose and of course it couldn’t happen while I am in the shower, that would be way to easy for this particular morning. The blood was particularly runny and made it impossible to shove toilet paper in and continue getting ready, so I sat on the toilet and scrolled though Instagram, patiently waiting to get on with my life. Bad things come in 3’s.. I’m good for the whole day, time to make this Tuesday my bitch..

Snow, of course. Not prepared on little bit, yesterday I had worn shorts to school, why on earth would I have worn warm clothes today? Back inside to re-establish another outfit for work, which at this point is about to get a call that I am going to bed for the day and not getting up, after all… I’m only 20 minutes late at this point.

And we are off.

You would think everything is done for the day, nothing else could go wrong, I mean, shit went south from the moment I woke up and it was going to continue until I was home and on the couch for the night.

Compounding is something I do every week at work. You would think that I could do it by now without any problems, today should not have been any different, blame it on the Tuesdays. While making my last compound at 5:30, 30 minutes before I left, the cap was having a hard time treading with the bottle. Once I finally got the bottle secure I started the unguator.. BIG mistake, it went everywhere, but mostly on me. Why not? It was that kind of a day. I just laughed and sat down.

What else was I going to do about today except laugh? When my sister got home, who I had been telling about my day all day, she walked in and called me a hot mess, then laid on my bed with me. We talked about the day then just laughed about the compound all over me. If it would have happened to someone else it would have been hilarious, just not today. Figuring out the glass was from a bulb I broke months ago behind my bed and missed a piece, only to have our new puppy find (she was unharmed) was also a laughing matter. I asked her if she was a glass eater and she started licking and nibbling on my nose. Instantly making my day 100 times better.

Blood happens, mis-threaded compounds happen, but Tuesdays are always the real bitch of the week.

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