There is always so much snow in spring. Everyone is always so excited that the weather is going to be nice, when I reality… We all should be preparing for shit weather. Today, we spent two hours shoveling wet, heavy snow. So far we have gotten over a foot… And it is still coming down like a mother. 

Guess we should be excited for spring, it brings us moisture, and snow days.  


Aggressive Tendencies

Some days are just days that I want to scream. Everyone around me just plain pisses me off. It really makes me wonder, is it them… or maybe the problem is really me. The past few days have really been a struggle on me, for some reason I just can’t seen to get myself together. This has been from falling asleep to my window cracking from a rock chip. It has just been a week. That’s the problem, everything thing else.. but really it isn’t.

Today as I started to freak out and be upset, I went to the bathroom and just sat there. Taking a breather from work and reflecting on the issue at hand. While I sat there, faking like i was going to the bathroom, I really understood that it wasn’t the outside factors that was making me feel aggressive, it was how I was handling the factors that were happening.

Walking away from people was not going to solve the issues I was having with them, but was it going to be better if I yelled at them? Or would it be easier if I did something else? At this point in my mental conflict, I didn’t know what to do. It was becoming a real problem for me. Three days of just shit, how do you stop it? On day two all I wanted was to walk out of work with my middles fingers up, telling everyone exactly how I felt. They were all just ass holes who needed to go away from me.

Thankfully I have a few days off from school and work next week, this could just be what I need to get my mental life together. There is so much built up anger happening in me that needs to be released. Maybe a run, maybe a long nap, I know it can happen.. starting tomorrow.